Fred Kowal

I am a 55-year-old man with chronic liver disease. I began seeing Dr. Foresman about two years ago after mainstream, non-integrative, traditional Western doctors failed to make an effort or show an interest in solving my difficult-to-treat condition, other than the use of intense and extreme pharmaceuticals that only made my condition worse. Dr. Foresman did not hesitate to take me on. He spends the time I need with him, explaining issues very well, and understands what I am trying to say. He is an excellent communicator. His mind is open to realize we are all individuals and different approaches work for different people. He has helped me get through some tough times. Best of all, he does not have a doctor “attitude”. He is not callous like many doctors. His registered nurses have been the best I’ve ever seen. They are knowledgeable, helpful, caring, and are the best at what they do. I visit regularly for Alpha Lipoic Acid intravenous infusions. These treatments have helped me get back on my feet. The nutritional products sold at his onsite store are all top quality and priced right. The sales person is very knowledgeable also. The doctor’s assistant, billing department staff, and admissions staff are always on the spot to get done whatever needs to be done promptly and correctly with a smile. You won’t have to speak to anyone through a small opening in a sliding glass window, or ever realize your pets get kinder treatment at a veterinarian clinic, at Dr. Foresman’s office. For me, Dr. Foresman has taken the dread out of a doctor visit, and transformed it into a pleasant and positive experience. That’s a great start to being well.